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Loyalty Program & Ordering App (WIP)

Freelance Project for WaBa Grill  |  January 2018 - August 2018

Design: information architecture, structure, flow, ux, ui, visual, content, reward program

The client needed a loyalty program and ordering app for their quick service restaurant. I worked with the client to identify business goals and define app functionalities that will help meet these goals. The app designed will achieve the following:

  • promote special and limited time offerings

  • in app ordering (work in progress) 

  • establish a loyalty program for existing customers

  • create a social share program to help increase (work in progress)

For me to better understand the user I'm creating a product for, I sat down at a Waba Grill and interviewed the patrons at the store. The interviews helped me understand the demographics of their customers, customers' reasons for selecting Waba Grill, their in-store ordering experience at franchise, their general experience with food-ordering apps on their mobile, their likes and dislikes about the apps they use and how they hear about special promotions. I then communicated my gatherings with client and used this information to create personas to get insights into how we can design a product that will add value to Waba Grill's customers. For users, their goals would be to:

  • ordering quickly through the app (through quick payment, fast reordering option) so they can skip the line and cut down on their wait time

  • get the option of food delivery service

  • earn points and rewards on every order made

  • get notified of specials 

Based on the personas and client and users' goals, my client and I brainstormed on app features and prioritized them based on the must-haves to meet business goals and feasibility. I researched competitors' ordering app and studied various reward programs and methods. Once I got enough information through this discovery/research phase, I diagrammed the user flow and used that to design the skeleton/structure of the app.  When I was done, I checked in with the client to get feedback and approval to move on.

I composed paper wireframes of each app screen from the user flow diagram, presented it the client, got approval and moved on to mocking up the app and creating a prototype. The prototype is now ready to be tested and will be iterated on after I get more feedback from users.

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