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Hoopla's Performance Console

Hoopla  |  April 2021

Design: information architecture, structure, flow, ux, ui, visual

Problem: Hoopla is an employee engagement and performance management platform that broadcasts employees performance in realtime over office wall screens. With the work environment trending towards remote workspaces, people were no longer in the office as often as before. Employees were feeling disengaged and it was becoming harder for managers to track and gage how well their employees were doing.


Need: Companies needed a more intimate way to engage with their employees, specifically in this case sales personnels, while allowing managers and the sales rep themselves to manage and track their progress and goals.

Define: One of the areas we looked into was this space called dashboard in our web application. At the time, the dashboard only featured performance cards, which provided a snapshot of how the individual employee was doing at a given time but not much more. 


The product director and product manager spoke with customers and sales team to better understand customer needs. We then gathered their feedback and identified 3 main criteria for this new dashboard experience. It needs to be:

  1. simple and personal — it will be space for employees to visualize their progress and goals on only the metrics most important to them and their team. 

  2. performance-driven — it will be a hub that provides insights and trends into how employees are doing in relation to their goals and in comparison to their teammates.

  3. extremely easy to set up

We brainstormed on the elements that will meet these criteria:

  • something that can be used to track employee's progress over the course of the year;

  • personal and relevant content such as metric cards, leaderboards and challenges for the individual;

  • a way to project how they will do by the end of a time period based on their current performance;

  • a trophy case showcasing all the badges they have won from their Hoopla performance competitions—the gamification feature of the platform.

  • status on any ongoing Hoopla competitions employees are participating in

Ideation and Process: I took the feedback and criteria from our meetings and began sketching out ideas of what this new dashboard would look like. 

Performance Console@2x.png

To help users visualize their progress overtime, I designed a chart component for the most important metric (example: Year-to-Date Sales) user wants to track. This chart will capture the employee's performance in the span of a year and can track their progress on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  The dashboard will use analyze their data and provide quick insights into their progress such as their performance trend (will they meet their goal based on how they are currently performing), how well they are doing in comparison to their teammates, their contribution to the overall team goal.


The new dashboard will also display other content relevant to the user such as scores on any ongoing Hoopla competitions and leaderboard rankings the user is participating in and any badges or award they have earned through these competitions.

Performance Console Iterations.png

Above are previous iterations of the Performance Console showing how we progressively simplified the dashboard to show only content that matters most.

After reviewing the first couple of iterations, we realized we were trying to do too much and felt very cluttered. We started to remove content that wasn't necessary to make this a simple yet effective dashboard experience for mvp. We decided to only allow users to choose their top three metrics they wanted to track. All the other features about showcasing leaderboards and contest will be eliminated for now. We got it down to a simple dashboard mock and shared it with customers, sales teams and stakeholders to get their feedback. They loved how informative and simple it was to understand the information. They were very excited about the dashboard but customers wanted the dashboard to show team performance and needed this to be space for managers to provide feedback to their sales rep.

With this feedback, we added a 4th and 5th criteria to this new dashboard — 4.) it will be a management tool that can track team's progress, just like it will for individuals; 5.) it will allow managers to provide feedback to their sales rep. I continued to iterated on the mocks and added a team dashboard that showed everything a manager would see on an individual dashboard but added another section that shows a breakdown of all the contributors' value to the team performance. There also needed to be a way for managers to navigate between individuals and team's dashboard. Lastly, I also added a comments/notes feature to the dashboard where managers can provide comments and to-do tasks for their sales rep to help them meet their goals. Once these were approved, I started working on a clickable prototype to test out uses cases and also to share expected behaviors with our dev team.

The comment and task feature for managers to provide feedback to their sales rep.

Admin–Comments Collapsed.png

Top image is an individual's dashboard. Bottom image is an example of a Team dashboard.

Admin Team - Change Team – Players List 1 – 2_3x.png

With the final iteration of the prototype we ready to go into development. I, then, worked on the set up work flow for this new dashboard. With the goal of making this process incredibly simple and hassle free, there are only 4 things, if that, admins needed to do. They need define a team to set up a dashboard for. When a team is selected, everyone in that team will automatically receive a dashboard. The next required step is for them to define (from a dropdown list of all metrics available in their system) the one metric that is most important to them. If they want, they have the option to identify 2 other metrics to track. 

Dasbhboard-Admin UI-Sketch to Finish.png

Result: After months of working on this project, we finally released this new dashboard, which we renamed to Your Performance in the employee's Hoopla web application. Your Performance is now a workplace solution where managers and employees can keep a pulse on their overall performance regardless of whether their employees are in the office or working remotely. 

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